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Design Research

Business Origami

Business Origami :

Business origami is a quick way to identify organizational systems and value exchange between stakeholders.

What is it?

  • Business Origami is a methodwhere paper cutouts are used as symbolic representation of people, groups, channels, buildings and/or environments

  • By organizing the paper cutouts in relation to each other, you will create a miniature model of a system

  • By drawing and labeling the lines between the elements you can make explicit the value exchange interaction

When to use it?

  • You use Business Origami if you want a concise and shared representation of a system

  • It helps to understand the different perspectives

  • It can support multidisciplinary collaboration and consensus

  • It can help to explore new possibilities for the future

How to use it?

  1. First cut out the cards you need. This can be anything: Locations - people - channels etc.

  2. Give each card a name

  3. Take a large white surface (such as a large white canvas or a whiteboard)

  4. Start with placing the first two elements; locations & people on the white surface

  5. Draw connections by means of arrows between the elements

  6. Name the value exchange interactions between the elements

  7. Add all the elements

  8. Keep doing this until the model is complete

What are the advantages?

  • It is a quick way to model the current system and understand the value exchange interactions

  • It is workable method to discover probable, possible and/or preferable options for the future

  • the process itself can start a productive dialogue and promote collaboration and consensus