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Design Research

Graffiti wall

Graffiti Wall :

The graffiti wall is a simple method for collecting data regarding a certain topic. The approach is a new, innovative and emerging method in todays society, which strongly includes co-creation.

The Graffiti wall can be used for many different purposes. It can, for example, be used to gather opinions/feedback on public spaces, to gather feedback on new products/services or to simply share stories on a certain topic.

The method is a great way to speak to both the creative and analytical side of respondents and the open nature of the wall allows for respondents to see different perspectives, but also build upon those perspectives. Social change can also be achieved through this method even though it may be a slow process. The fact that the graffiti wall invites different kinds of people to come together and share opinions/stories can have more of an impact than one would initially believe. Some graffiti walls dealing with more abstract topics such as sharing stories can definitely inspire others and lead to a change in mindset or behavior.

There are some drawbacks to this method however. You do not know who has contributed to the wall since it is fairly anonymous (this can be prevented through observation or asking to use names/function) There also might be a risk of vandalism if the wall is placed in a public space – therefore it should be monitored at time intervals