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Design Research

Leisure Design Lab

Leisure Design Lab :

The Leisure Design Lab is a space for experiments in which our students tackle assignments of entrepreneurs from the tourism & leisure sector. These assignments deal with issues that are relevant for the entrepreneur and demand a creative solution. You can think of development of new business models, new concepts and/or new marketing options.

For example: on one of the LAB days students worked out 3 new product-market combinations for party boat the Maashopper and on another LAB day they provided steam train Stroomtrein Goes – Borsele with fresh ideas to attract more visitors.

A ‘Lab day’ is a Leisure Design Lab session in a pressure cooker setting of 1 day.

Goal:             students work on real-life challenges of entrepreneurs in the tourism & leisure sector

Time span:   1 day

Location:      (preferably) at the location of the company


10.00  welcome & intro assignment / commissioner   

11.00  guided tour of the company / commissioner

11.30  problem analysis / without commissioner

12.30   lunch

13.00   research - creative session - analysis -solution / without commissioner

15.00   development of recommendations / without commissioner

16.00   presentation & discussion / commissioner and other stakeholder

17.00   departure