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Visitor Journey

Visitor Journey :

In the Service Economy (Pine & Gilmore, 1999) a provider in the tourism & leisure sector was able to earn a living by offering a product or service of good quality. In the contemporary Experience Economy this no longer meets the requirements and demand-driven entrepreneurship is key to survive. What is it precisely the individual consumer is looking for and how to tailor your offering to his/her demand?


A relevant concept in this context is that of ‘the visitor journey’. Also known, in slightly modified versions, as ‘customer journey’, ‘tourist journey’, ‘user journey’, ‘patient journey’ etc. Essential for a visitor journey approach is taking into account all phases of the customer decision making process. From the phase of awareness of a need, the search for information and the evaluation of alternatives to making the actual purchase and the experience and evaluation phase. To get detailed information on all phases of the journey, and all the touch-points between the supply side and the demand side during this trajectory, can be very helpful in the process of improving or innovating the product/service at hand.