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Referencing with Harvard

The reference list

A reference list is a complete list of all the sources that you have quoted, summarised or paraphrased in your document. The reference list is entirely linked to the citations in your text, and it gives full details of the sources you have used. Each one of your citations must match a reference list entry.

 Librarian Top Tip! To ensure you don't miss out any references, make sure you write the reference list entry as soon as you insert a citation!



  • The reference list is not the same as a bibliography. A bibliography is a list of everything that you have read, watched or listened to, during the process of working on your document. Also, the sources that didn’t end up in your document but did give you inspiration are on a bibliography.
  • The reference list is in alphabetical order by the surname of the first author.
  • The reference list is at the end of your document and before the appendices.
  • The reference list is one list, do not make categories of item types. 
  • You don't need numbers, bullet points, start or any other symbols to decorate your references. Keep it plain and simple! :)
  • Use: Reference list or References or List of references.
  • If you use several works from one author or source: list them together, in date order, with the earliest work listed first.

The bibliography

If you have used any other sources which you haven’t referred to in your text, but nevertheless were part of your research (think background reading), they would go in the bibliography.


  • appears at the very end, after the reference list
  • arranged in alphabetical order by author
  • it may or may not be a requirement for your assignment. If in doubt, check with your school