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New Library materials for the Academy for Hotel & Facility: Special: cook books


This Library Guide presents a selection of additions to our Library collection for Hotel and Facility Management.

This is a special on cook books and it will be updated on a regular basis with new additions. So please visit this page regularly. Please note, that some books are on order and not yet available. 

For new library materials on other subjects involving Hotel and Facility, please check the other lists of new arrivals. You might also be interested in the latest acquisitions of Tourism, Leisure & Events and Built Environment.

(updated December 3rd, 2021)

Other cook books

Let's go plant based, vegan or vegetarian



      Maaike van Berlo              
      Available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

      076-5332290   /    Send me your question   / Related image  Visit our website


Highly recommended

Famous chefs

Nordic cuisine: Get inspiration from Rene Redzepi and other Scandinavian top chefs