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New Library Materials for the Academy for Leisure & Events: February/March 2019


This page presents a selection of additions to the library collection

for the Academy for Leisure & Events (Library Archimedesstraat) 

New acquisitions for Tourism   /   New acquisitions for Hotel

PleisureWorld NRIT Kennisbank

Archive containing all articles ever published in Recreatie en Toerisme, Vrijetijdstudies, NRIT Actueel and NRIT Magazine (language Dutch)


LinkedIn Learning (formerly - Sharepoint essential 2016 training

Linkedin Learning is an online video database. It is available to all BUas students and staff and offers access to almost 4000 online videos on all kinds of topics. The videos in this database can be used for group instructions or for personal self study purposes. And they can be a great addition to any form of E-learning within BUas. Fore more information on the use of LinkedIn Learning (only for BUas staff & students), use the manual.

Sharepoint 2016 essential training

Description:  The most powerful features of SharePoint—file sharing, site collections, team sites, and more—come bundled with the on-premises edition, SharePoint 2016. This course delivers essential training on SharePoint Server 2016, teaching viewers how to best use SharePoint 2016 for business collaboration and real-time documentation sharing. Gini Courter shows SharePoint site owners and members how to create, edit, and save documents; create and use team sites; work with libraries and list apps; build site collections and sites; integrate SharePoint with other Office apps; manage permissions; create workflows; and work with content types and documents.

Learning Objectives:

  • Name three security groups created by default for every SharePoint site.
  • Describe the benefits of working in a team site.
  • Organize files in SharePoint libraries.
  • Explain the three different scopes of sharing.
  • Use Check Out and Check In features to reserve a document for a private editing session.
  • Compose custom lists when built-in data doesn’t fit your needs.
  • List three types of SharePoint workflows


If you want to access this course log in to LInkedIn Learning and look up this course. 


Journals / magazines

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Information Specialist Leisure and Events

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Information Specialist Leisure & Events and Tourism: Anja van Hoof

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