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Multimedia & Copyright

This libraryguide has been made by the Copyright Information Point to create an overview of information concerning Multimedia & Copyright.

Multimedia & Copyright

This libraryguide has been made by the the Copyright Information Point (CIP)

and will explain how to find and use multimedia sources without violating copyright.

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What is the CIP?

The Copyright Information Point (CIP) gives information and advice on copyright issues to students and employees of Breda University of Applied Sciences..

Do all libraries of higher education institutions in the Netherlands offer a CIP service?
The CIP is affiliated with a national network of Copyright Information Points of 23 higher education institutions in the Netherlands. The members of this network get together a couple of times a year to discuss all processes and questions with regard to the CIPs. At least twice a year, a joint meeting with the CIPs of university libraries is organised. In terms of facilities and legal aspects, both networks (that of the higher education institutions and of the universities) are supported by Surfdiensten in Utrecht.


The daily representation of the CIP is made up of:

Marjolein Verheijen, Information Specialist & Coordinator Library

Helma van Noije, Librarian

They are supported by other library officers, and for the purpose of specific questions, they draw on the expertise of specialists. 

Why does the CIP use a disclaimer?
The aim of the CIP is to refer employees and students of Breda University of Applied Sciences to places where they can find answers to their questions. The CIP's advice is not binding. That is why a disclaimer is necessary to explain the extent of CIP's responsibility for the answers and information it provides via the web pages or libguides pages.

CIP disclaimer:

Conditions for use
Please read the following conditions for use. By using this website you are deemed to accept these conditions. 

Exclusion of liability 
The Library accepts no liability whatsoever, including liability for negligence, damage or disadvantage (including but not restricted to indirect or resulting loss or loss of business, income, profit, value or opportunity) as a result of using (or being unable to use) this website.

Use of material
The content of the web pages and libguide pages of the Copyright Information Point of the Library are intended for general information purposes only. In addition, the website is intended as a means of asking specific questions or giving specific advice.
The Library offers no guarantee regarding the correctness, completeness or suitability for the purpose of the Copyright Information Point or for keeping the content up-to-date, and accepts no liability for the consequences of its use.

Websites of third parties
The website and libguide contain links to other websites. These websites are not managed by the Library and are outside the control of Library.
The Library accepts no responsibility whatsoever for these websites. The inclusion of links to other websites does not imply any connection, participation, relationship or approval for these  Library websites or their content.

Prevailing law
This website and libguide and these conditions are solely subject to Dutch law and Dutch court decisions. 

The Library retains the right to review these conditions whenever it so wishes. 

For further information, please apply via


  This factsheet gives on overview of the services of the Copyright Information Point.