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New Library materials for the Academy for Hotel & Facility: January - February '23


This Library Guide presents a selection of additions to our Library collection for Hotel and Facility Management. This includes some of the latest acquisitions of (e-)books, links to the latest editions of key journals, and the latest developments in Library facilities, resources, and services.

You might also be interested in the latest acquisitions of Tourism, Leisure & Events and Built Environment.


You will find e-books via our Catalogue (add your specific search term, and select item type "Online resources" ) and also via Metasearch (limit your search results with Source Type: e-Books). You can use these 'How-to' guidelines to access and download e-books from our EBSCO e-books collection. For additional support, please contact your AHF librarian Maaike van Berlo or our Library Information Desk



List of all the journals

The Library provides you with access to (digital) journals within every Breda University of Applied Sciences knowledge field, including Facility.

Please use the link to get access to a selection of important journals for Facility Management.

FM Magazine

Het nieuwste nummer van FM Magazine : Facility Management is in de library te lezen. Het archief is online beschikbaar. 


Access to fulltext articles for BUas by subscription to database Emerald.

Facto Magazine

Facto magazine : praktijkinformatie over total facility management is zowel op papier als online beschikbaar via de library. 

Facility management journal

This publication of the International Facility Management Association is online available. It offers access to an archive with full-text articles, available from 1998 until now.

Facilitair journaal

Facilitair journaal : onafhankelijk vaktijdschrift voor werkomgeving, gebouwbeheer en werkplekken is in de library te vinden.


Journal of Facilities Management

The website offers an archive with full-text articles. Archive available from 2002, nr. 1 until now. Access to articles for BUas by subscription database Emerald.


List of all the journals

The Library provides you with access to (digital) journals within every knowledge field of Breda University of Applied Sciences, including Hotel.

Please use the links  to get access to a selection of important journals for Hotel.

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

The Cornell Hospitality Quarterly is a peer reviewed, scholarly journal published quarterly in association with the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. The CQ aims to be a source of the best advances in theory and/or research relevant to management of the hospitality industry broadly defined to include all businesses involved in the transport, accommodation, feeding, entertainment, and caretaking of voluntary travelers away from home.

Hospitality Management (Dutch)

Search with 'buas', 'breda university' or 'nhtv' for university-related articles.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

The International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM) communicates the latest developments and thinking on the management of hospitality and tourism businesses worldwide. As both a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, IJCHM publishes double-blind reviewed papers covering issues relevant to strategic management, operations, marketing, finance and human resources management. IJCHM encourages an interchange between researchers and managers.

International Journal of Hospitality Management

The International Journal of Hospitality Management discusses major trends and developments in a variety of disciplines and topics as they apply to the hospitality industry. The journal also contains research papers, state-of-the-art reviews and analyses of business practice within the industry.

Entree : hét magazine voor de horeca

The current editions of this journal can be found at library shelf mark 64 -- Older issues (if available) can be requested via the information desk or via library@buas.nlAvailable: Only latest 2 years.

Missets horeca : vakblad voor de horecabranche

The current editions of this journal can be found at library shelf mark 64. Continues: Horeca, Available: Only latest 2 years. In Dutch.

Sleeper : hotel design, development & architecture

Access via Library catalogue offers the full-text magazine.

Research in hospitality management

The library offers access to the full text magazine, available as from 2011.


Would you like to have a publication included in the library collection? That is possible. For questions concerning the AHF library collection. Please contact me.                    


Maaike van Berlo              

Available on: Monday morning, Tuesday, Thursday morning and Friday.

  076-5332290   /    Send me your question   / Related image  Visit our website



Twice a year we scan Statista Database for new relevant titles to be added to the catalogue. Last scan is January 31, 2023. You can find the current list for AHF via our catalogue: Statista New Titles.







Accessibility Library 

Your Library is still alive & kicking, attuned to the BUas COVID-19 protocol! Please check out our latest Library news, including the accessibility of our facilities and collection, and our (online) services and tools specifically designed for a blended learning environment.



Information Skills Support

At Information Skills Support on our homepage, you will find many practical e-tools that you might advise to your students, use yourself or integrate into your blended curriculum. These include the Information Skills Toolboxlibrary guidesvideo clips, and infographics. Or you might decide to request a one-on-one meeting with a librarian or subscribe to one of the webinars that we offer monthly to students, faculty, and staff. So visit our homepage and help yourself and your students to become 'information skilled' professionals


PURE: knowledge output of BUas employees

Are you curious about publications, presentations, or consultancy work by our colleagues at AHF or BUas-wide? An up-to-date overview of all knowledge output of our employees can be found in the PURE web portal. For additional information on registration and submission of your own knowledge output please consult the Library's PURE page 

For questions and support please contact the Library's PURE team:


LinkedIn Learning video database

We offer access to Linkedin Learning, an online video database with over 16,000 online expert-led courses on a wide variety of topics, available both for free and with a subscription. The videos can be used for group instructions or for personal self-study purposes. And they can be a great addition to your blended learning curriculum. For more information on the use of LinkedIn Learning please check out this manual.

NEXIS UNI: newspaper & company info database

Lexis Uni is a multilingual database with online full-text archives of news publications from all over the world. These include national and regional Dutch newspapers and major international news publications that can be downloaded, printed or sent by email. 

Lexis Uni Company Dossier offers, amongst others, information on a multitude of Dutch and international companies, US industries, and business executives. It contains reports about brands, financial data, SWOT analyses, company activities and more. These concise tutorials will start you in the right direction.


BUas Copyright Information Point

Do you want to use publications by others like articles, book chapters, pictures, and recordings as teaching materials in Teams or CumLaude? Wondering how to act ethically when they are subject to copyright protection? Do you want to know who owns the copyrights of materials that you have created within the framework of your job or during work hours? Or are you curious what your position is when discussing copyrights of your (open access) publication or product with publishers?

BUas Copyright Information Point (CIP) is there to inform you! It offers information and advice on copyright issues to students and employees of BUas. Check out the information on the Library homepage or contact the CIP directly:

Referencing at AHF

True, referencing is not rocket science. But how easy do you make a mistake because you overlook a missing dot or bracket, get confused by deviant examples, or overlook mistakes by your reference manager program. In addition, unlike APA, there is no definite form or one single source document for the Harvard referencing style. This leads to a variety of formats so which one to use?

Help is at hand! Together with faculty of AHF we have designed the library guide Referencing@AHF. It offers guidelines and examples on how to do this in the proper way at our academy.

New library system, new options for you!

This summer the library catalogue has been upgraded and it offers some new options:

  • You can now reserve almost all materials in the library (on the shelf or on loan). Make a reservation (via 'place hold') and pick up your materials when you have received a pick up notice. Except reference materials. 
  • The catalogue shows pictures of book covers. Very useful for making sure you are reserving the book you need.
  • You can now easily log in with your BUas credentials and extend the lending period of the library materials from home.
  • Looking for a specific type of material? Such as theses or placement reports? Use "advanced search" and select the material you are looking for. Enter keywords and start your search.


Want to improve the study success of students? Want to improve the quality of their products? Let the Library help you. We offer various tools and services to improve your students' information skills, one of the so-called 21st Century Skills.

Some of the options:

  • integrate one of our existing tools in your curriculum like the Information Skills Toolbox. this Toolbox is fully updated and enhanced in Sept. 2023! including the possibility to receive an Edubadge after taking a test via Testvision
  • 500+ quiz questions available in Testvision on various aspects of Information Literacy, and still adding more
  • refer students to our LibGuides on Harvard referencing,  APA referencing or APA manuals & tutorials, Internship & Thesis Literature research, Marketing Resources for AHF 
  • point students to our practical short Video Clips, for example on the use of Metasearch or Google Scholar
  • advise students to follow one of our practical webinars on Endnote, Harvard, APA or Academic Literature research, Business Literature research
  • co-create a tailor-made workshop on information skills for a specific course 
  • add me to you Teams communities for a quick (chat) response to the students' information-related questions 
  • advise students that got stuck with their literature search to request an online Meet-with-a-librarian for personalized advice. 

Please contact me via Teams or mail to explore all of the possibilities.