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New Library materials for Tourism, Leisure & Events: October 2020

Books and e-books on LMS and Teams

More information on (copyright issues) concerning using books and e-books on LMS and Teams

New video course on LinkedIn learning

Finance Strategies for Business Leaders

Description:  Finance is an important part of any business, and even if finance does not seem like it’s part of your job—it’s still part of your job. The finance leaders in your organization play a critical role in keeping your company afloat, both today and in the long term. As a leader, the best thing you can do to help ensure financial success is to make sure the right people are making the right short-term tactical and long-term strategic decisions.
In this course, Jason Schenker demystifies the strategic decisions that finance leaders make, as well as how business leaders outside of finance can contribute to their success. Jason lays out strategies for structuring a financial management plan for your organization. He helps you identify the choices and tradeoffs between investing in growth and taking out earnings or profits. He looks at various kinds of financial risks, as well as how audits can help address risk. Plus, he shares long-term strategies for keeping your company's finances in check

If you want to access this course log in to LInkedIn Learning and look up this course. 

Linkedin Learning is an online video database. It is available to all BUas students and staff and offers access to almost 4000 online videos on all kinds of topics. The videos in this database can be used for group instructions or for personal self study purposes. And they can be a great addition to any form of E-learning within BUas. Fore more information on the use of LinkedIn Learning (only for BUas staff & students), use the manual.


Library webinars

Online Library webinars Information Skills

Could your students use a helping hand with finding the proper information for their assignment, thesis, or research? The Library organizes monthly online webinars where students will learn how to come up with an adequate (re)search question, use effective search words, select and use the resources of the Library, and correctly use citations and references. Students can subscribe to the following online webinars:

  • Library Introduction & Basic Information Skills
  • Advanced Information Skills
  • Endnote
  • Google & Google Scholar

Check our webinar overview for dates and times. For further questions, you can always contact us

Information specialist

Library BUas:website 

Information specialist Tourism, Leisure & Events: Anja van Hoof :  

How to view online and download Ebsco e-books

If you experience problems reading / downloading Ebsco e-books check here for information.

When this doesn't answer your question come to our information desk or mail us.

Searching for books, e-books, theses, placement reports and articles

Journals / magazines

For searching for articles use on a topic:

For browsing through journals and the latest issues of journals:

For an overview of all journals the library has access to / subscription to:

Databases NOT indexed/searched by Metasearch:

Search for theses & placement reports

In the library catalogue you can also find placement reports and theses written by BUas students.

This infographic explains how you can find these reports.