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Imagineering X-sheets

How to use these Imagineering X-sheets? 

Everybody knows those sticky notes which you use to write down thoughts, your groceries or whatever you need to remember. Well, these X-Sheets (eXperience Sheets) are your sticky notes that will guide you through the Imagineering process. Even more so, you can use them for any project as the Imagineering way of thinking and doing should always be the fundamental way of working for you as an imagineer. Print the sheets on A4 format and hang them up, so you are able to create relationships between the different phases of the ABCDEF model. 

The very fact that they are individual sheets enables you to choose only a couple of pages o phases if needed. For instance; If your client already has a strong vision and concept you might need to focus on the D, E or F phase and only print these X-sheets. At the same time, if you only want to create a concept, you can print out the C-phase. You can find a summary of each phase on the first page, so decide for yourself what fits best. Use these X-sheets for the overview but don’t forget to dive into the literature, knowledge clips and other information sources for specific information on each phase.