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Now that we have seen how we can involve everyone with creativity and imagination in transforming “today to tomorrow” by appreciatively analyzing, openly brooding, collectively creating, continuously designing, engagingly evolving, it is time we dived into the follow up, the continuous care for what we have created together – the never-ending Future.

Since within the Imagineering process we do not design houses or chairs but something that is there to stay and dynamically develop, we have to bring the steps that the Imagineers can follow to make this happen. You cannot entirely steer these processes (since you are not controlling them) but you can influence them. In fact you will even realize that they (the processes) are never over since Imagineering does not come to an end, it simply caters for everyone becoming part of a continuous learning community.

You use the follow-up-phase to evaluate the process. Are there new insights that need to be researched? Does the design need fine-tuning? What are the findings of the staff? Mystery visits could be a good starting point. Or a touchpoint-analysis. A regular health-check so to say. And most times that leads to an iteration of (part of) the ABC-process.

The visitor journey is an effective, subjective  and fun way to find out the level of experience of a festival, event or other activity. It also works for musea, shops and other (leisure)locations

Here is a challenging article from Otto Scharmer (2010) on the Seven Acupuncture Points for Shifting Capitalism to Create a Regenerative Ecosystem Economy.


A site with a lot of literature tips on the evolution of the world/our system and how it co-evolves continuously:


A site on how you can become a great entrepreneur with innovation as a focus with a lot of tools:

Here is a website with a lot of tools and canvasses to fill in for every phase of the ABC model:

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