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This LibGuide offers you a lot of information and inspiration on imagineering. You will find lectures, webclips, books, articles, tips & tricks and all kinds of other stuff about the imagineering-process a.k.a. ABC-process. As you know the true imagineer is a co-creator, so this guide will only work if you  help to keep it state-of-the-art. If you have new material, interesting links or intriguing insights: please let us know!

All about imagineering

During the last decade imagineering evolved from a ‘simple’  method of concept- and product development into an innovative process  of value co-creation by igniting collective creativity.

The gap between producing and consuming is narrowing (co-creation), imaginative narratives  are becoming more important (storytelling) and creative processes are leading (design research). This calls for new ways of thinking and imagineering  can offer you a helping hand in that perspective.  Done that, been there? Just press one of the blue bars and see if you are right!

Contact info

Tips, suggestions, new theories, intriguing  insights? Please contact Gert-Jan Remmers: